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Vol 2, No 2 (2014)

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An Experimental Study Into the Effect of Damage on the Capacitance of Structural Composite Capacitors Full Text PDF
T. Carlson, L.E. ASP
Experimental Assessment of Single and Cumulative Impact Damage in Carbon Fiber Polymer Matrix Composites Using Electrical Resistance Measurements Full Text PDF
Justin McAndrew, Olesya Zhupanska
Effect of Process Parameters on the Dynamic Modulus, Damping and Energy Absorption of Vertically Aligned Carbon Nano-Tube (VACNT) Forest Structures Full Text PDF
P. Raju Mantena, Brahmananda Pramanik, Tezeswi Tadepalli, Veera M. Boddu, Matthew W. Brenner, Ashok Kumar
Investigating the Unrecovered Displacement of Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymers Due to Manufacturing Conditions Full Text PDF
M. Shah Mohammadi, L. Solnickova, B. Crawford, M. Komeili, A.S. Milani
Experimental Ballistic Response and Modeling of Compound Structures Based on Textile Fabrics Full Text PDF
Lionel Gilson, Johan Gallant, Frederik Coghe, Luc Rabet

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ISSN 2168-4286 (Online)